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The Greater Westmead Association and Fire Department Successfully Extinguish Wild Bushfire on Malone Road

Yesterday afternoon at approximately 17h10, our GWA Armed Response Officers in Westmead noticed a wild bushfire while patrolling on Malone Road.

The GWA reaction officers and the UDS Drone Team were promptly mobilised. The fire department was also dispatched to the scene immediately.

The Marshall Security Emergency Dispatch Centre swiftly coordinated with the fire department, informing all relevant parties in the area about the rapidly spreading bushfire. Ground teams provided continuous updates on the situation to major members of the Greater Westmead Association (GWA).

After several hours of dedication and hard work by both our ground teams and the fire department, the wild bushfire was successfully extinguished.

The collaboration between eThekwini Fire Department, Greater Westmead Association, Marshall Security and UDS (Drone Provider) played a crucial role in ensuring a safer environment for everyone involved. We extend our heartfelt thanks to all parties for their relentless efforts and teamwork in this emergency response.

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