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38 Years Combined Jail Time For Suspects Arrested After Virginia House Robbery

After two years of numerous court dates, justice was finally served to two house robbers who were found guilty and imprisoned for armed robbery and attempted murder. The accused had held up Roshan and Surekha Mathadeen, along with their two children, in their Virginia home on the 11th of July 2020.

On the night of the incident, Marshall Security was informed of a house robbery in progress at the premises in Clinch Crescent, where the suspects had stolen various items including jewellery and electronic items. Members of our Special Operations Team working with the Durban North SAPS proceeded to investigate and manage to acquire the location of the suspects, who were allegedly selling the stolen items in the Bhambai area near Inanda. After a shootout and short foot chase, two suspects were arrested. One of the suspects had sustained gunshot wounds to his legs and was found in possession of the stolen items.

“At around 7pm that night, we were involved in an armed robbery at our home,” Mrs. Mathadeen said. “When the assailants left, the panic alarm was sounded and within minutes Marshall Security and SAPS were at our gate. Two members from Marshall assisted with tracking the suspects down. Marshall and SAPS returned at 1am with the news of the successful arrests of two suspects and the recovery of many stolen goods.”

“The dedication, bravery and concern of Marshall Security on that traumatic night and in the following days goes beyond a normal call of duty. It’s their commitment that allowed God’s will be done and justice to be served. A sentence of 20 years for one assailant and 18 for the other, assures that we can have faith in our local security company and police,” she said. “My husband and I have been victims of crime many times in our lives. This conviction brings a sense of peace and closure, especially to our two children who were subject to the fear and trauma that night.”

On the 30th of September 2022, just over two years later, the two suspects in question, Linda Mfeka and Smanga Sibisi, were successfully convicted and found guilty in the Durban Magistrates Court for the following counts.

The accused, Linda Mfeka.

Linda Mfeka was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment for armed robbery as well as 10 years for three counts of attempted murder.

Smanga Sibisi was sentenced to 18 years imprisonment for armed robbery as well as 10 years for three counts of attempted murder.

The accused, Smanga Sibisi.

The sentences were ordered to run concurrently, they will serve effective sentences of 20 and 18 years imprisonment, a collective sentence of 38 years. Both accused were also found unfit to possess a firearm. 

Well done to our members for the arrest, and Detective Constable N. Ngcobo from Durban North SAPS for his endless dedication and hard work put into this case.

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