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Because We Value You…

Life’s pretty busy, to the point where we all have a bunch of WhatsApp messages that remain unread (to remind ourselves to respond later, even though we never do. *grimace face activated*) and a couple dozen emails open, but not sent (sorry mom). Long story short, we understand that sometimes a prompt here or there is necessary about certain things. No judgement. We totally get you.

In line with the above revelation though, we thought we would send you a quick little ‘nudge nudge’ list that covers some of our awesome ‘Because We Value You’ Features, that are worth remembering, just in case… of, well, anything:

  • Marshall Panic App. This is basically our In Case of Anything Number, in app form and it’s offered FREE to all our clients. With it you can hit your panic stations, and we will come to your exact GPS location. Download it from the Google Play or App store.
  • Escort Service. (Oi, get your mind out the gutter, thats not what we mean). If you are feeling a little unsafe or unsure. If you are coming home late, or leaving super early (like the birds aren’t even up yet *bleugh*)… you can call us, and we will happily meet you and escort you into your property (or out of it).
  • Medical Support. Many of our response vehicles come with defibrillators and guys that know how to use them. But, more importantly, Crisis Medical is a part of the Marshall stable, and they are able to offer comprehensive medical emergency care. Read more about it HERE
  • ANPR Cameras. We install and monitor cameras (utilising the latest SNIPR technology) in hotspot areas. These cameras capture number plates, which are automatically run through sought vehicle databases. Our control room, manned 24/7 responds to any flagged vehicles, resulting in arrests and recoveries, and occasionally stopping crime before it happens. Read more about it HERE. Give us a shout if you would like to discuss getting one up in your area.

Honestly, there is even more than this, but, you’d be here all day reading… and we both know you don’t really have the time for that, there are unread WhatsApp messages to get back too ;)… so, maybe just leave this window open for later, or give us a call to find out more.


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