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CCTV Controllers Monitoring AI Camera Intrusion Alert Leads To Arrest

The effectiveness of intelligent security was proven this morning when our teams arrested a suspect that was spotted on a client’s business premises via their Artificial Intelligence (AI) camera system.

At approximately 04h00 the Marshall Security Emergency Dispatch Centre received an intrusion alert from a client’s AI camera system where our CCTV Control Centre was able to identify suspects on the client’s business premises on Claribel Road in the Windermere area.

Multiple Armed Response Officers were immediately dispatched and were given an accurate clothing description of the suspects who attempted to steal a water pump motor from the business premises. As our Armed Response Officers arrived on scene one suspect was immediately arrested whilst the second suspect had already fled prior to our arrival. The client was informed and desired to open a case against the suspect.

Berea SAPS arrived on scene a short while later and then transported the suspect to the Berea Police station for further processing and investigation. 

Well done to our team members for leveraging technology to make this successful arrest! If you would like to find out more about making your business bulletproof with AI, contact us today. 

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