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Feature Story – Hey Good Looking! (We’re Talking About our ANPR Cameras ;))




Our state-of-the-art ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) cameras, powerfully backed by SNIPR™ are in point of fact quite ‘good looking’, because, well, that’s exactly what they do. Giving us the opportunity to stop criminals before they do bad things.

Here’s how:
1. Marshall Security (the most proactive* security company in northern Durban) and SNIPR™ (with the most effective ANPR technology system in KZN) have combined forces to be on the ‘look out’ for bad guys.
2. Cameras are erected in area/community hotspots and the number plate of every vehicle that passes it is captured and relayed to the Marshall Security Emergency Contact Centre, in real time.
3. At the Emergency Contact Centre, the registration numbers are live linked and automatically checked against several of the national law enforcement databases. Suspicious vehicles are immediately flagged.
4. Armed Response vehicles are immediately dispatched to the last known location of the suspicious vehicle in an effort to proactively prevent crime in the area.
5. Marshall Security has 15 Armed Reaction vehicles on patrol, with an additional 6 Special Operations Team vehicles on call. This ensures a powerful, technologically advanced, multi-faceted network is in play to shorten reaction times and keep our communities safe.
6. The entire process, from image capture to team dispatch takes seconds and gets proactive results.

*by popular opinion

SNIPR™ is one of Southern Africa’s leading innovative electronic security solutions providers. They have combined years of research and development, fuelled by a deep sense of professional pride and determination, to work towards reducing crime and criminal activity across South Africa. Their ANPR camera systems are some of the most powerful in the country, and offer a whole new way of fighting crime. Before it happens.  SNIPR™ are committed to developing innovative concepts like these, to maximize technology and unify intelligence and security systems, while making their solutions even more accessible and simple for all users.

“Criminals are always changing their approach, so we do as well. One such example is combining ‘forces’ with SNIPR™, introducing their ANPR technology into our portfolio. Their powerful tech, coupled with our effective and efficient network on the ground has offered incredible results. We believe that by building strong partnerships, like the ones we have with SNIPR™ and with local police stations that we can better serve our communities. The arrest figures speak for themselves.”
– Tyron Powell, Marshall Security

“ANPR technology is fast becoming integrated into crime prevention solutions across the country.  We developed our SNIPR™ software to get the right information into the hands of our partners efficiently and accurately. We believe bringing technology and operational resources together to present a united front, ensures we are better able to change the way we fight crime in our cities, neighbourhoods and homes.”
– Grant Hancock, SNIPR™

If you are interested in finding out more about Marshall Security and SNIPR™s ANPR project geared around providing safety and security in northern Durban (footprint extends from Morningside to Salt Rock) and how it can be rolled out in your community, give Marshall Security a call on their ‘In Case Of Anything’ number 086 162 7732.

Quick Stats:
This is what happens when the most effective security company in the northern area is backed up by the most successful ANPR provider in KZN.
NUMBER PLATES READ IN 2018: 12 581 545


Advertorial, as seen in Northglen News January 2019:

Here you are, on a random afternoon, minding your own business, driving home from work… maybe you’re thinking about what’s going to happen on Masterchef, or the quickest thing you can make for dinner without having to stop at the shop first, the meeting that Did. Not. End. or the earliest you could possibly fall into bed. It doesn’t matter, the point is, you don’t know this but ‘click’… your picture has just been taken.  Scratch that, your number plate has just been captured.

Now, don’t worry, this isn’t some sort of random creep attack that should make you nervous about your privacy, this is actually a really clever new crime fighting technique that has been taking over South Africa (and the world), and was pioneered by Marshall Security (backed by SNIPR™’s ANPR technology) in KwaZulu-Natal from 2017.

Brace yourself, here’s the twist, that same camera just took a picture of the car behind you… and inside that vehicle there is some shady chap that is thinking about a house down the road from you, or maybe even your house… and how best to rob it. He’s the guy that the people behind the scenes actually want… and because of this new technology, they are going to get him too.
Marshall Security and SNIPR™ errected the first sets of ANPR cameras in Umhlanga and the results were immediately exciting. Just during the testing phase, 9 arrests where made… and that number has only swelled since then to hit 37 and counting.

This is how it works; as a vehicle drives past one of Marshall Security’s SNIPR™ powered cameras, an image is captured and sent directly to their Emergency Dispatch Centre. There that image is analysed and the number plate automatically run against several
national law enforcement databases, flagging suspicious vehicles. Number plates that match earn an immediate reaction – an armed unit is dispatched to the last known location of the car (and the SAPS are notified). The truly remarkable part is the length of time this whole process takes. Seconds.

According to Grant Hancock, director at SNIPR™, the technology is aiding law enforcement services and the communities they serve to gain the upper hand on criminals. He adds, “this is an advancement that can be measured in a real and quantifiable way, when you consider the increasing arrest rate and the number of vehicles that are being stopped.”

So there you are… you’ve finally figured out what you’re having for dinner. Leftovers, obviously… and suddenly there are flashing lights, sirens, and the swift arrest of the guy behind you. Stopped in his tracks, all thanks to some incredible technology and the team that runs with it on the ground. The robot turns green. You head home. Safe as houses.


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