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Swift Response by GWA and Marshall Security Controls Fire in Motala Heights

Fire Response in Motala Heights

At approximately 05h35 this morning, our GWA Armed Response Officers responded to a fire that had broken out in the Motala Heights area.

Initially, the exact location of the fire was unknown. Our team quickly proceeded to investigate, pinpointing the fire’s location and promptly informing the fire department, who arrived on the scene shortly after.

Our team assisted the fire department in controlling the blaze, Greater Westmead Association launched thermal drones to help identify hot spots and other critical areas.

Fire Response in Motala Heights

After nearly four hours of battling the blaze, the fire was successfully extinguished.

We commend our team for yet another successful operation. The collaboration between the Greater Westmead Association, the Fire Department, and Marshall Security played a crucial role in ensuring a safer environment for everyone involved.

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