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Fleeing Motorist Crashes Hijacked Vehicle, Narrowly Misses School Children

Fleeing Motorist Crashes Hijacked Vehicle, Narrowly Misses School Children

With the current mega drive to curb vehicle related crimes as the holiday period approaches, our teams celebrated the recovery of two more vehicles that had been hijacked in separate incidents recently.

On Thursday last week at approximately 14h00, members of our Special Operations Team noticed a sky blue Mercedes E240 driving erratically in the Kwamashu area. 

Suspicious of this behaviour our members immediately started to follow the motorist, who accelerated and sped off as soon as they realised they were being tailed. A short chase ensured during which the motorist lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a property wall on Cici Road in Kwamashu B-Section, after narrowly seriously injuring school children walking on the road who managed to avoid the vehicle crashing into them.

One suspect then excited the vehicle and managed to evade arrest by running into a nearby informal settlement. The Vehicle and Provincial Trio Task Team responded swiftly and arrived on scene a short while later.

Upon investigation it was later established that the vehicle had been flagged as wanted after it had been hijacked in the Verulam area earlier this month.

The SAPS were are scene and will be investigating further.

Hijacked vehicle VW Polo recovered

The second vehicle was recovered on Saturday just before midday, when members of our Special Operations team were activated to assist Altech Netstar with a white VW Polo that had been hijacked just outside Bridge City in the Kwamashu area.

Members immediately responded to the possible whereabouts of the vehicle and after a short track the vehicle was found abandoned on a dirt road in A-Section Kwamashu and was recovered by members of our Special Operations Team, Altech Netstar Ground team and Phoenix Trio Crime unit.

The scene was secured and will be investigated further by the SAPS.

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