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Follow the Leader! (Be a Facebook Top Fan and Win*)

“Marshall. Marshall. Marshall”. <- Just in case you’re wondering, that’s you chanting our name 😉


OK. Now picture this. Lighters waving in the air – but obviously not for real, ‘cause that’s a fire hazard and stuff, and while you can call us In Case of Anything, we’d rather not be creating the issue in the first place. No, on second thoughts, instead of the lighter, let’s go with Facebook love. Ahhh, yes, there we go, much safer.


Here’s the point. We like to be on the receiving end of super fan-ning as much as the next friendly neighbourhood security company, it makes us feel warm, happy and appreciated. So we’d like to invite you to be a Marshall Top Fan on Facebook. Engage with us, share, like and shout about us (but not at us… we’re sensitive okay) and you could win a dinner voucher to the value of R500. Prize is awarded monthly, so if at first you don’t succeed… like and like again.


Here are the T’s and C’s. Because what is life without them, right.

  1. All Facebook Top Fans over the course of a month, go into a draw.
  2. The draw will be done via online random picker at the beginning of each new month.
  3. Prize is a R500 meal voucher at a popular restaurant in your area.
  4. Winner will have to collect their prize from our head office
  5. Winner agrees to be featured on our social pages
  6. PS. If you wanted to take us as your plus 1, we wouldn’t object. We like food.  😛


And thats it. So, by all means, don’t let us hold you back, Wink-Wink, Nudge-Nudge, or rather Like-Like, Share-Share.

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