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Housebreaking Suspect Arrested By Marshall In Virginia

Last night at approximately 23:30 our Emergency Dispatch Centre received multiple panic activations from one of our clients in Newport Avenue, Virginia.

Our reaction officers responded and upon arrival were informed by the resident that a suspect wearing a red top and black pants had just broken into their home and fled with their two cellphones.

Whilst standing off at the call, a resident from across the road alerted us that his domestic worker had an intruder in her room and that he had taken her phone.

Our reaction officers and Special Operations Team members descended on the area in search of the suspect.

A while later we received a beam activation from a client in Danville Avenue, a suspect fitting the same description had been in the client’s property and fled when the alarm activated.

Our officers cordoned off the area for three and a half hours in wait for the suspect, it was later ascertained that during this time the suspect broke into a further two properties, one in Clinch Crescent and another in Vickers Place.

Eventually, the suspect attempted to make a getaway and was spotted by our officers, a foot chase ensued through multiple properties eventually ending with the suspect being apprehended on the corner of Kentucky Drive and Taylor Place.

Our officers found two laptops, five cell phones, cash, an iPod, and a watch in the suspect’s possession, which was identified as having been stolen from the above properties.

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