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[INFOGRAPHIC] 📊 Crime Stats July 2022

In July, 247 incidents were reported to our Emergency Dispatch Centre. This is a 10% increase compared to the year-to-date average, with no increase on the incident rate we recorded last month. The top types of incidents throughout the month were housebreakings, theft, theft of copper and trespassings.


Suspects Killed In N2 Shootout Linked To Recent Car Dealership Robberies

A gang of eight business robbers were involved in the high speed chase and shootout with our members, where six suspects were shot dead and the remaining two were arrested.

Local B&B Owner Arrested For Being In Possession Of Two Hijacked Vehicles

A bed and breakfast owner was arrested after our teams uncovered two hijacked vehicles that were found parked on the property in the Glen Ashley area.

Four Car Thieves Found Guilty, Handed Down Hefty Sentences

In a resounding win for the good guys, four car theft suspects were sentenced to an accumulated 52 years jail time and ordered to pay R330,000 in fines after being found guilty of their crimes in court recently.

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