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[INFOGRAPHIC] 📊 Crime Stats March 2023

In March, 201 incidents were reported to our Emergency Dispatch Centre. This is a 15% increase compared to the rate we recorded in February. The top types of incidents throughout the month were housebreaking, theft and medical assistance.


Throughout the month of March we arrested 8 suspects and recovered 8 stolen or hijacked vehicles. 

Shooting At Well-Known Restaurant In The Umgeni Park Area

Unknown amount of armed suspects held up a well-known restaurant in the Umgeni Park area which resulted in three patrons sustaining gunshot wounds.

Business Robbery Leads To A High-Speed Chase And Shootout

Yesterday evening our Special Operations Team responded to information received which lead to a high-speed chase and shootout and resulted in two fatalities.

Beggar Arrested For Cellphone Theft At Glenashley Restaurant

Yesterday morning our teams apprehended a local beggar for stealing a client’s work phone.

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