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[INFOGRAPHIC]ย ๐Ÿ“Š Crime Stats 1-15 August 2022

In the first two weeks of August, 124 incidents were reported to our Emergency Dispatch Centre. This was approximately 16 incidents less than the incident rate we recorded during the first two weeks of July 2022. The top types of incidents throughout the month so far were thefts, housebreakings, trespassings and thefts of copper.


Vigilant Patrol Leads To Successful Arrest And Conviction

Talent Mbatha was arrested in May by our vigilant Special Operations Team members, who was sentenced to 6 months imprisonment which will be wholly suspended for 5 years.

Armed Response Officer Arrests Glen Hills Thief Within Minutes

One of our Armed Response Officers was stopped by a member of the public to report a theft incident that had just taken place at his property. Our Response Officer responded immediately and managed to arrest the suspect within minutes.

Suspect Arrested For Possession Of Suspected Stolen Wheel Caps

Our members approached a suspect spotted carrying multiple wheel caps. After questioning, the suspect admitted to stealing the wheel caps and took our officers to the location where had sold the wheel caps from the previous theft. The stolen wheel caps were returned and the suspect was handed over to SAPS for charged with being in possession of suspected stolen items.

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