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Levelling With You

Fact. The lockdown, while at levels 5 and 4, served as a sort of interim security solution. Bad guys were essentially ‘locked up’ at home as much as everyone else was, and were therefore unable to navigate to residences and businesses to do their bad guy stuff. There were of course extreme opportunists (an exception to every rule), which kept us busy, but for the most part, criminal activity of this nature was a little less prolific. However, things are evolving.

Our lockdown levels are shifting down, which means that we are all (thankfully) slowly being released to head back to work (where doing so remotely isn’t viable) and school. However, also heading back to ‘work’ are robbers, burglars, highjackers and the like, who are capitalising on now vacated properties and freshly parked vehicles. In addition, due to the impact of the lockdown economically, there is a fresh level of desperation assigned to all of this now too. Needless to day, over the past couple weeks, we have been BUSY, and it seems with the imminently arriving Advanced Level 3 and then further expected shifts down that things are only going to get more worrisome.

So, we would like to take this opportunity to please encourage you all to be extra precautious and extra focused on your personal space, safety and security. For those of you leaving home for work, be mindful of your surroundings (we are all out of habit now), and remember to vary that route home. For those that are still able to work remotely (definitely still the best option as the COVID-19 numbers continue to escalate), you need to be even more vigilant. Staying at home in relative safety (from crime at least) for the last 3 months has made us all a little blasé, and doors and windows are being left open as we wander about our personal spaces.

In light of all of this, here are some things to consider:

If you noticed any gaps or glitches with your security system (perhaps you have had to bypass a passive or your fence is making that annoying zap-zap noise, so you’ve just switched it off <- not the solution you guys) while you have been ‘isolating’ at home, let’s get those sorted out now.

If you didn’t notice anything, but would like to be extra certain that you are protected, we can do a premises Secure Check for you. This should be done annually anyway and it includes a full inspection of your system, testing of various parts and a detailed report. For more information on this and other services, please contact us by clicking here:

Finally, if you are not yet a Marshall Security client, um, why not? We are going to choose not to be offended by this apparent oversight 😉 and rather suggest that perhaps it’s time to level up, to us now? You can click to switch right HERE.  Bonus. You’ll get the first 3 months free if you do 😉

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