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Loadshedding: How to level up in the power down!

On an average evening we receive a fair number of signals – a figure that is completely manageable with our reaction compliment; designed as it is, to offer you the fastest turnaround times in our areas of service, while treating each activation like the priority we believe it must be.

However, in a loadshedding situation, this figure inflates by a rather dramatic 800% – 1,000% and we receive on average approximately 4,000 signals in a day. That is, quite frankly, a lot. And it extends our services (and all other security providers) beyond capacity.

Now, the thing to bare in mind is that this isn’t the number of actual emergency situations that are suddenly going down out there. In fact, the vast majority of the alarm signals we receive are simply triggered due to weak batteries, not real crisis of any nature.
However, with our time spent ascertaining the validity of all non-panic situations, it has the knock on effect of slowing down our response time to the actual emergencies out there, if and when they happen. That isn’t ideal for anyone.
In light of this (excuse that turn of phrase please) the next time the power goes off, we would like to ask all our clients to consider the following, in order to help us help you going forward:
  1. Please check your battery. Let’s make sure that it is working at its optimum.
  2. Consider taking backup (we always do), in the form of additional batteries and power supplies. We have some specials available.
  3. If your alarm system activates, please call us immediately to cancel the activation so we can move it out of our response queue and focus our energies on someone that really may need our help. (If we call you before you get to us, once again, please cancel the call out with urgency, because as you know… when an alarm activates, we dispatch a response officer immediately, and their services may be better used elsewhere).
  4. If you are actually in a state of emergency/panic and need us, please press and hold your actual hardwired panic button, your remote panic button, or mobile app panic button as well. Those signals take priority.
  5. Let’s do a system Secure Check, this is an annual checkup for your alarm system, where we test and evaluate its overall health and make sure its functioning exactly as it should be.
Some additional tips and tricks are also good to remember:
  1. Remember to keep those mobile devices charged. With the rolling blackouts and the new levelled up schedules it can get tricky keeping track of when you may be without the power you need… so let’s rather be safe then sorry.
  2. Get your outside gates and lights working off a battery backup (or solar power).
  3. Don’t panic. Get our mobile panic app and stay in control of the situation. We’ve got you. We always do.

Please remember you can call our In Case of Anything Number (086 162 7732) if you need us, our contact us to find out more about your alarm system and how you can help us take the power back in this sort of situation.

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