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Looks Suspiciously Like Something You Should Remember

We all know what its like in the midst of a panic. We kinda loose our heads a little and the things we think we know pretty much go right out the window (which incidentally may have been where the cause of the panic was trying to get in, but we digress).

Even though at the time it may all feel a little outside of our control and honestly given the context of the situation irrelevant, we’d like to impress upon you the need to remain calm, find a way to alert us, and to mentally catalogue everything that may identify the suspect or suspicious vehicle after the fact. Nothing is too small or insignificant.

To this end we have compiled a short checklist of the sorts of things that you should be looking out for.

If you have to report a crime, reflect on these and give us, or the SAPS officer as much detail as possible. And remember, you can call us, In Case of Anything.

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