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Passing ‘Shot’

We capture bad guys. That’s kinda our thing really, and it’s why we’re your security firm of choice (or we most certainly hope we’re your security firm of choice *looks at you through narrowed eyeballs*).

We are always on the lookout for new ways to do that ‘capturing’, and thats why we introduced our SNIPR powered ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) cameras a little over a year ago. They have helped us change the game a bit by ‘capturing’ bad guys, before they do bad things. To date we have invested in over 30 static systems, with more going up constantly, and the result has seen us make a significant number or arrests and vehicle recoveries based on the intel they provide. This is all good news, but it’s about to get even better, because we are now introducing the next development in this crime fighting REVolution (that’s a terrible pun, but we’re sticking with it ;)).

We are currently mobilising our ANPR camera tech by affixing it to vehicles in our armed response and special operations fleet. This means that instead of being limited by the static nature of our neighbourhood ‘hot spot’ cameras, we can now take our tech with us as we patrol our footprint, including everywhere from Morningside through to Durban North, Ballito, Salt Rock and the surrounding areas.

This tech works in much the same way as the static cameras do, constantly capturing images of every vehicle that passes it. These images are then automatically analysed, with the number plate run against Sought Vehicle Databases. If a vehicle is listed, an alert immediately goes out (the whole process takes seconds), and our reaction vehicle, which was already in the general vicinity, is able to respond quickly and efficiently (with more of our response team dispatched to that location too). We’re very excited to start seeing the benefits of this new addition to our crime fighting team.

Take a look a the video below for more info, then call us, In Case of Anything.




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