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Rapid Intervention Leads to Arrest in Umgeni Park House breaking Incident

At 11:20 AM today, an urgent panic alert was received from a resident on Underwood Road in Umgeni Park, signaling a recent house breaking. The intruder managed to steal a camping tent and a tyre from the garage of the property. Our Special Operations teams alongside our response officers were promptly dispatched to address the situation.

Umgeni Park House breaking

Shortly after, the suspect, known to law enforcement for having been arrested multiple times in connection with similar offenses, was seen on Kenneth Kaunda Road, in possession of the stolen items. When he noticed the responding officers, he tried to escape, leading to a brief chase on foot. The pursuit ended with the successful apprehension of the repeat offender and the recovery of the stolen items, which were positively identified by the homeowner.

Umgeni Park House breaking

The Greenwood Park SAPS has been informed and is set to investigate further into the case, focusing on housebreaking and theft, in addition to the suspect’s possession of suspected stolen goods. This case underscores the importance of quick and effective response to ensure the safety and security of the community.

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