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Summer Holiday Protection Plan

And just like that the end of the year is beating down our door… although better that then a bad guy right? Speaking of…!

As we hit the final stretch and start to lean back into holiday mode, we start thinking about all the holiday protection we need. You know what we mean… so much sunblock you can’t see your kids underneath it all (good parent), umbrellas, travel insurance, that weird plastic wrap on your luggage that does nothing but aggravate you on the other side.  I mean, some of you are even done with your Christmas shopping *curses under breath from jealousy*. In short, you protect yourselves from all the possible curveballs that the festive season can throw at you… except maybe you missed a spot? Your security!

It’s one thing to make sure your lights are on a timer when you leave on holiday, which by the way, great idea, write that one down, plus kudos on having someone come over to feed the cactus and pet the goldfish in your absence, but for maximum holiday readiness and protection may we suggest the following:

1. PLEASE let us know that you are going away.

2. Consider getting garden or perimeter beams if you don’t have them already, they can be linked up to your alarm system and serve as an excellent early warning device, one that may put would be home-breakers off, due to the noise and attention they draw.

3. Low-key please don’t give away your comings and going on social media until you are back. There’s nothing quite like pointing a flashing neon arrow at your place of residence and screaming, “hey guys it’s empty, come on in”.

4. Remember that thing we said about the lights on a timer earlier? We’re just gonna repeat ourselves here. Do that. Please. And relatedly, please don’t leave your lights on all the time. Firstly… that’s a strain on the grid (and we all know how much we love our very stable grid *rolls eyes at Eskom*), but secondly, you are pretty much literally telling would be burglars that ‘the lights are on but nobody’s home’.

5.  Let’s do a Secure Check. It’s an annual check up for your alarm system. One where we test and evaluate its overall health and make sure it’s functioning exactly as it should be. For your safety. Think of it this way, if you’re road tripping you’re getting your car checked out first, to make sure its 100%, right? This is the same but different. Our Marshall Secure Check List includes: • Call out. • Inspection and report. • Cleaning of unit. • Battery testing. • Signal testing. • One point cable up to 25m. • Signage replacement if required. • Peace of mind.

6. Consider levelling up your alarm system. Whether at home, at work, or right out the country, you can now have the same access and control of your alarm system as you would have from inside your premises. These latest advancements have been developed to help you level up your current system. Click here to find out if yours is compatible.

Let’s get you holiday ready and good to go.

Give us a call on our In Case of Anything number 086 162 7732, or mail us now on to find out more.


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