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The Clean Team (A Smile and Wave Initiative)

So, have you spotted any of our ‘Smile and Wave’ team members out and about yet? Our guys are the real dream ‘clean’ team, ’cause thats exactly what they do. Working their way around our communities and giving them a bit of a once over.

The idea for our community clean-up initiative took shape after the devastating flooding earlier this year that impacted on our beaches so heavily.  We co-hosted some beach cleans to address this (FYI: there will be another one coming soon, and we’d love it if you joined us, so watch this space) and it has taken on a life of its own since then.

Why are we doing this, you may ask? Because this is our community too. This is where we live. We grew up here… and now our kids are growing up here. And we want it to look good and feel safe. We take great pride in caring for our neighbourhoods, and this extends far beyond our mandate of offering safety and security.

Just last week we uncovered an informal settlement in Durban North near the Broadway Road offramp on the M4 highway, and went in with brooms blazing (not exactly… but close) to make a difference. The results there were two fold. Not only is it now less of a dumping ground, we also managed to recover stolen property and make a difference in that regard too. ‘Community clean up’ has many meanings really.


We continued our work throughout the week ‘smiling and waving’ as we went, and now we’d love it if you got involved. All you have to do, is act as the label indicates.  i.e. please shoot our team a ‘smile and wave’ if you see them… It’s alway nice to feel seen, and like what you are doing has value 😉

In fact, we (and they) would really love it if you took a selfie with them and threw it up onto Social Media with the hashtag #smileandwave as well. You can follow the adventures of our Smile and Wave team and this new initiative over at our instagram page, so please give us a follow there too.


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