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Whilst on a routine patrol on Chris Hani (North Coast) Road in the Avoca area this morning, a Marshall Security Armed Reaction officer noticed a man walking hastily down the road, carrying various items, whilst pushing a lawnmower. 

The reaction officer’s suspicion grew and the man was intercepted further down the roadway. On further investigation, the man was found to be in possession of a weed-eater, a lawn mower, a Sony PlayStation as well as various other items, including a large amount of foreign currency.
When interviewed, the man could not explain where he obtained the property from and the assistance of the South African Police Services was called for.

The suspect was arrested on site and charged with being in possession of items believed to have been stolen and remanded into the custody of the SAPS.

Should you have any information regarding the ownership of the recovered items, please contact the South African Police Services, Greenwood Park on 031 571 6512.

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