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When the festive season goes BOOM! Fireworks vs. Pet Safety

fireworks pet safety

Ok, real talk for a second.

As a team that works with stuff that go ‘boom’ on the regular, what is it about the ‘festive’ season that makes everyone want to blow things up? Isn’t that the opposite of ‘festive’ really? Asking for the animals.

Here’s a true story. What we term as fireworks today was invented accidentally (no surprise there) in ancient China in about 800 AD. A bunch of master alchemists got together and created a sort of crude gunpowder. What they were actually going for, oh irony of ironies, was the recipe for eternal life. So that was a bit of a fail. Anyway, long story short… they made some ‘booms’ by adding the concentrate to bamboo sticks and tossing them in the fire. After that was super successful, they added arrows and started shooting them at enemies and the result is well, the opposite of eternal life.

Because You Run From Loud Bangs Too… Here Are 10 Pet Safety Reminders:

Since ‘booms’ have now become a part of our festive lives, we thought it would be a good time to provide you guys with some reminders regarding pet safety (and happiness).

  1. Please make sure that your best buddy is tagged (chipped) and collared. This way, if they bolt away from the sounds of danger (who doesn’t – apart from us of course ;)), it’s easier to help them find their way home.
  2. Set up a date night with your dogs (cats, goldfish, parakeets, hamsters, whatever). Let them feel the love bombs instead of focusing on the big bangs.
  3. Consider a mild sedative (available from your local vet – so chat to them about options), especially if you know your pet is a bit on the anxious side.
  4. Do you have a Thundershirt? They calm your animal because they feel like a hug (who doesn’t like hugs?) – and are an excellent drug free option.
  5. Give them a small safe space. Make it comfortable, and friendly and quiet.
  6. Make sure your gates and doors and windows are shut, least they panic and try making a break for it. (They should be shut anyway btw *mutters under breath*).
  7. Take your pet for a nice long quality time walk before fireworks start happening. It will tire them out and make them feel calmer.
  8. Treats. I mean, treats calm everyone down. Just saying.  
  9. If you lose (or find) a buddy out there, please post about it on Here Buddy. Here Buddy is a Marshall Security powered community page dedicated to reuniting lost pets with their owners.
  10. Don’t get fireworks. The end.

Just as a ‘good to know’ addendum to point 1 above, at Marshall Security we have a chip reader on site. So if you find somebody’s missing buddy, we will be happy to do what we can to help reunite the pair. We are here In Case of Anything after all, and that means helping our furry friends out too. 

Happy holidays everyone. We hope it’s a banger. But not literally.

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