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First Aid (Us). Second Aid (You).

When something bad happens there are a number of fight or flight tendencies that we tend to journey through in a single second, but one of the more common reactions is for the mind to go a bit blank and for us (not US us, obviously ;)) to wind up frozen to the spot. Once again, it may feel like you were rooted for all eternity, chances are… it just took a couple moments for you to gather yourself, process the situation and then take some action. That being said, the action one does take, needs to be appropriate.

The most important and necessary thing you can do to help is to actually ask for help. Like, on a phone, from a professional. Here, we’ll give you a hand: 086 162 7732 (save that real quick, because it may help you or someone you know, or a random stranger you happen to pass by, later).

Next up, in case the situation that arises is medical, we would like to suggest you know your way around some life saving techniques. Movies like to show us how people spring into action, they all suddenly know CPR or how to remove a blockage, (via a random pen in the trachea???? erm… no thanks), if someone’s dramatically chocking in a middle of a restaurant. The reality is, few people actually know how to do these things correctly, and sometimes that can result in causing a bit more harm then good, even though they’re just trying to help.

Here at Marshall we are proud to power Crisis Medical an Advanced Life Support, pre-hospital emergency, medical services provider, who also, just so happen to be certified for training.

We’d like to offer anyone booking a CPR for Family and Friends training course (during the month of July) an extra spot for FREE (for a friend or family member). That means you’ll be ‘saving’ before you even complete the course. 😉

These CPR courses are accredited by the Resus Council of SA and the American Heart Association, AND you’ll earn 2500 Discovery Vitality points while you’re at it.
Basic course info includes:
  • 2500 Discovery Vitality Points
  • Theory and practical
  • Duration: Half day
  • Learn essential life-saving skills
  • CPR (for an adult, child, baby)
  • Choking (what to do)
  • The use of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

Dates for July are: 15, 16, 22, 23, 29, 30.

Space is limited, so email: today to ‘save’ (see what we did there) your spot.

ps. T’s and C’s apply. Obviously.

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