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Let’s Connect: Where your alarm system and CCTV meet

As a security provider we pride ourselves on staying ahead of trends and innovations. That’s how we stay ahead of bad guys after all. The alarm system has been around (and slowly perfected) for a while now, and just about everyone has one (we hope). CCTV and camera surveillance has been added to the list of important and practical security measures, however there hasn’t been a simple, efficient and affordable way to connect these two security measures, until now.

Introducing Plan B.

Plan B is the bridge or the connection between your two original security measures. Your Alarm (i.e plan A) and your CCTV system (plan C). With it you are now armed (and alarmed) with video verification.

We are proud to be the first to launch and roll out this new innovation to the Durban market.

What it is:

– A video monitoring solution.

– Until now, video verification systems have been exorbitantly expensive stand alone additions to security systems.

– This new hardware tool is essentially an affordable bridge between the already existing and working parts of your alarm system. Connecting everything together.

– What you need? A functional and compatible alarm and CCTV Surveillance system. And us. That’s pretty much it.


What it does:

– The bridge can link specific cameras to specific zones on your existing alarm system, and can create a video ‘event’ when a zone is breached.

– PIR’s and other sensors, door contacts and panic buttons can all be linked.

– Video ‘events’ are only created when the alarm panel is armed.

– It provides our emergency dispatch centre live video (and pre/post footage) from any activation ‘event’ (as well as a site map with the location of additional cameras).

–  Our contact centre can take immediate and appropriate action based on the visual verification data received.

– If in doubt, video can be sent to the key holder for their further input on the nature of the event and whether it requires action on our part.


To find out more about this game changing new technology, or to check on your system compatibility please contact our Sales team on our In Case of Anything number or mail:

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