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[INFOGRAPHIC] Crime Stats 1 – 15 May 2022

crime stats

In the first two weeks of May, 133 incidents were reported to our Emergency Dispatch Centre. This was approximately 10 incidents a week more than the average incident rate we recorded during April 2022. The top three types of incidents for the month so far were housebreakings, calls for medical assistance, and theft. We are happy to report that the top three areas which as been victim to trio crimes – Avoca, Effingham and Kenville, saw a decrease in these incidents.


The month has been off to a good start, we have already arrested 10 suspects (on average we arrest a suspect every 36 hours) and recovered seven stolen or hijacked vehicles. 💪

  • Tracking Of Hijacked Vehicle Leads Teams To Chop Shop Discovery

Tracking a vehicle hijacked in Montclair into the heart of Iqadi, approximately 30km north west of Durban North, led ground teams to the discovery of several dismantled vehicles at a chop shop, where a suspect was arrested after a short chase.

  • School Robbers Who Shot Teacher Tracked Down And Arrested Only Hours Later

Three armed suspects who robbed children of their belongings and shot a teacher in the face at a Sea Cow Lake school yesterday was arrested only hours after the robbery took place.

  • Robbed Courier Vehicle’s Stolen Loot Recovered 30 Minutes Later

Various items stolen from a courier vehicle were recovered when the suspects’ vehicle used in the commissioning of the crime was quickly found.


Umdloti experienced a sharp incline in incidents compared to the norm, with three armed robberies contributing to the 10 incidents reported over the first two weeks of the month.

There were also multiple courier vehicle related crimes, and we urge drivers to be extra vigilant following recent incidents.

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