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Load Shedding Power Out(r)age? (How to Deal)


It seems we all have an off and on again relationship with electricity and power. Things have gotten pretty serious recently, like stage-4 level serious (thanks Eskom), and it turns out, we’re gonna have to learn to live with load shedding for the foreseeable future at least (not that we can ‘foresee’ much in the dark, but anyway).

We thought we’d take this opportunity to share a few tips and tricks on how to survive load shedding with you. Maybe bookmark this article, share it with your family and friends… but most importantly, remember where you left your phone… because you can call us, In Case of Anything.

  1.  Keep those phones as close to fully charged as possible (don’t let them drop below 40%). With power going off in 2 hour intervals, you don’t want to be draining your battery too much. You may just need that bad boy in case of an emergency. PS. Speaking of, we hope you’ve saved our number under your ‘contacts’?
  2. Do a full system check of your alarm. Do it now, while you have power. It’s okay, we’ll wait. *taps foot* all good? Excellent. If not, give us a call… we may need to discuss things like battery backups (we are strong advocates of always taking ‘backup’ for obvious reasons, you never know when you may need it). Plus, other faults may emerge due to the fairly constant power surges straining systems. So, it’s best to keep an eye on things like that.
  3. Outside lights and gates? Lets get those working on battery back-up (or solar) power. You don’t want to be locked out… in the dark. (And keep keys for the driveway gate and garage on your person, or easily accessible, just in case).
  4. Arriving home late at night? Kinda creepy right? Why don’t you give us a call, and we’ll escort you in? Safe as houses.
  5. Cellphones come with their nifty (battery draining) torches built in now. That’s great, and another reason to keep your phone all fired up and good to go, but also keep fully charged portable lights, solar jars, torches and candles in easy to reach places all over your house.
  6. Don’t panic. Get our mobile panic app. Just in case things get a little scary or your alarm is doing weird things. We’ve got you. Always.
  7. Hope you like pizza for dinner. ‘Cause ordering in is probably what’s gonna happen tonight. Small sacrifices must be made from time to time. 😉



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