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Suspects Successfully Handed Down Jail Time For Housebreaking & Theft

Detectives from the Greenwood Park SAPS celebrated two successful convictions on two separate cases in the last few weeks, of suspects that were arrested by Marshall Security. Both cases were led by Detective Warrant Officer Arunjeeth.

In the first case, the accused Lungelo Nxele was found guilty on one count of housebreaking and theft and was sentenced to 5 years direct imprisonment at the Durban Magistrate’s Court on 10/03/2022. The accused was initially charged for house robbery however the charge was changed to housebreaking and theft.

Accused Lungelo Nxele

Nxele was arrested by Marshall Security on 15/02/2022 after holding up a domestic worker on Kelvin Place in Athlone, Durban North.

In the second case, the accused Lucky Nhlahla was also found guilty on two counts. Count one was for theft, and the accused was found guilty and was sentenced to 2 years direct imprisonment. Count two was for violating the immigration act of which he was found guilty and sentenced to 3 months direct imprisonment. After Nhlahla has completed his sentence, he will be deported back to Mozambique.

Accused Lucky Nhlahla

Nhlahla was arrested by Marshall Security on 01/09/2021 after two batteries from Telkom’s Openserve network connectivity boxes, together with break-in implements, were found in the vehicle.

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